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About us

Build it Zero is brought to you by the founders of Balance Point Home Performance. Some people have asked us if our business wasn't already complicated enough? Our business, by the way is substantial improvement to how new and existing buildings perform, with our efforts driven by test results. We buy a lot of things to fix homes and build better new homes and some of things we would like to use are hard to get. These products are hard to get because many of the traditional manufactures and retailers of building products in the US are not focused on products that help builders meet performance outcomes.  There is a small but dedicated group of contractors, designers, engineers and homeowners that are looking to change the way things are built. Weather it's truly right sizing your heating and cooling equipment for perfect comfort in a low load home or limiting the infiltration rate in your house with durable and affordable materials we are on board. We are working directly with manufactures to bring in innovative equipment. If you don't find what your looking for on this visit come back and see what we have to offer in the future, this is just the beginning. Thanks Dan Perunko & Gavin HealyGavin Healy and Dan Perunko